Four designs with the Triad from Thirty Seconds To Mars. I called the first two designs (the white shirts) as “Past Meets Future”, because are a mix between the Triad (the last identification of the band) with the Mithra logo (the first that they had used). The next two (the black shirts) are designs for the Spanish Echelon on the gigs in Spain at 2013. The second one (“Today!”) won the poll for choose the best design to put it to reality.
shirt_002_anacron shirt_001_anacron 003 002




As I made for some other designs, I transformed the Dream Out Loud art into a hoodie in two colors. This is just a concept. I hope you like it! ūüôā

DOL_hoodie_blue DOL_hoodie_red

Time ago Thirty Seconds To Mars used a variation of a famous picture made by Bansky for their merchandising.¬†Inspired by their actual music era and taking as base that picture I create this design. Is called “Dream Out Loud”, like one of the famous sentences of the band.


By petition for some people I also include the same design in red, with black background and in widescreen HD format.

I hope you enjoy it!

I remind you about this blog is about some stuff that I made inspired by Thirty Seconds To Mars music & art. For more information about me and my work, please visit my main website:



First teaser image from the project. Click the image below to see it full screen:

Last weekend I was in Paris for the “white party” of 30STM. I made some new designs for this:

I took this pic with my camera while I was on the bed. This picture has something special. Do you know what it is?

Behind the scene: